Whistle is a product of Glenwater Limited, a private Nigerian company. The Whistle app is a platform that allows for collaboration between citizens and the government with the aim of making the roads safer and saner.

Whistle uses crowdsourced information and smart processes to solve critical problems relating to traffic violations and social issues.

A Whistler is any citizen that chooses to use the Whistle app to report vehicle paperwork violations, traffic violations, dangerous vehicles and social issues that he or she observes in the course of their day.

Three reasons why you should use Whistle are: Report vehicle paperwork and traffic violators and earn money; Escalate issues to the right enforcement agencies automatically; Accurate and complete reports, including geolocation and an image.

The Whistle app is currently only available on Google Play.

Whistle is free to download from Google Play. If you would like to partner with us, please emal us at and a Whistle representative will be in touch with you.

Whistle works on Android devices 4.4 (kitkat) and above.

Whistle enables users to

  • Eliminate vehicles driving with expired papers
  • Report road accidents & dangerous vehicles
  • Report bad drivers & reduce disorderly driving
  • Report unusual traffic congestion in a few steps

Whistlers are able to use Whistle to direct nearby enforcement agents to the real-time location of violators with unpaid fines. They will then proceed to compel payment of the fines. This ensures that Whistlers are able to receive their share of the fines in a timely fashion. Also, before the renewal of vehicle papers, violators will be required to pay any outstanding fines.

Once you sign up with Whistle, an electronic wallet is automatically created. You can then link it to your bank or paga account to enable withdrawals. If you do not have a Paga account, you can easily create one from within Whistle. With your electronic wallet, you can also make donations to your preferred charities and keep track of all your transactions.

Whistlers are NOT able to see any private information regarding vehicles that they Whistle or any other vehicle for that matter. They are only able to get yes or no answers regarding the status of the paperwork of licence plates that they run through the app. This means that a Whistler will never be able to see the name, phone number or other private information related to offenders that they file reports on.

As a Whistler, you can file different types of reports - some reports (e.g. vehicle paperwork check, bad driving report) earn income for you while others deliver non monetary benefits arising from the report (e.g. traffic congestion, report accident, report dangerous vehicle). In addition to these standard reports, you are also able to alert Enforcement Agents to the real-time location of wanted offenders.

Whistlers get paid a share of the fine that is payable by the offender they report. This means that the payment due to a Whistler is paid after the offender pays their fine to the Government. In certain cases, we "advance" a portion of the amount payable immediately after the report is sent. The balance is payable 24 hours after the offender pays up. Our unique process ensures that there is no delay or bureaucracy with regards to Whistlers receiving their share of the fine. Whistlers receive their share of the fine at the same time that the Government receives the fine. This means that the payment does not enter the Government's account before the Whistler is paid.

No, Whistle is NOT owned by the government but it is a product of Glenwater Limited, a private company. However, the company partners with a few government agencies to ensure the operations required for the app run smoothly.

Whistle makes use of proprietary software and strategic partnerships to get access to vehicle paperwork data. This information is kept secure at all times and the privacy of every user and motorist is ensured.

Whistlers get paid a total of 500 naira for every report successfully filed and fined.

To make a withdrawal, Whistlers must have earned up to 10,000 naira in their wallet.

Your withdrawals are processed instantly, but it advisable to allow up to 30 minutes for the transaction to go through. For delays after after 30 minutes, Whistlers are advised to contact their bank.

No, you cannot pay fines via the Whistle App. You can make payments via

Once a Whistler has filed a report on your vehicle, you will get notified via text message. You can also run your licence plate via the Whistle app to check if you have any outstanding fines.

If you have received notification of a fine, you can make payments or contest the bill via

We ensure the anonymity of every person who files a report. Whistle also protects the privacy of any vehicle owner that’s reported via the app.

You get a bonus every time someone signs up with your referral code

To share your earnings with the charity of your choice, head to your digital wallet within the app and select donate

A manual entry refers to a situation where the camera does not correctly capture the information on the licence plate and a whistler has to type in the correct details

It can take anywhere from one to three hours for a manual entry to be approved.

The Whistle app handles escalation of reports to the appropriate agency by connecting the nature of the report to the agency with the right jurisdiction.

Glenwater is currently working in conjunction with VIS and facilitating partnerships with other agencies to ensure safer and saner roads.

Whistlers can check the status of any social issue they have reported via the dashboard within the app.

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