The Super App for Safer and Saner Roads

Whistle is the first and only app that helps you validate vehicle paperwork, escalate traffic incidence, and report traffic violations - and pays you for it too.


Whistle fosters collaboration between citizens and enforcement agencies

Citizens earn money when they flag traffic violators

Expired papers
Get vehicles with expired papers off the road

Use Whistle to flag vehicles on the road with expired paperwork and instantly notify the authorities to issue fines where applicable.

Report Accidents
Report Accidents

Get immediate support from enforcement agents to aid accident victims and get traffic moving smoothly

Report Dangerous Vehicles
Report dangerous vehicles

Notify enforcement agents to ensure the removal of dangerous vehicles on the roads; save lives and ensure free roads.

Report Traffic Offenders
Put a stop to bad drivers and disorderly driving

Record and submit video evidence of drivers going against traffic and violating traffic laws.

Traffic congestion
Quickly report and clear traffic congestion

Bring road bottlenecks to the attention of traffic enforcement agents for quick resolution. Keep traffic flowing smoothly


Check your vehicle status

Look up your license plates to find out what whistlers and enforcers see when they scan your plates.

Avoid getting your vehicle impounded

Get ahead of any electronically issued fines you may have missed, avoid additional fines or having your vehicle impounded. Click the button below to check if you have any outstanding fines and conveniently pay or contest them.

Check on PayVIS


Our users love us! Read what they have to say below.

When I first heard about Whistle, I thought it was a joke and I wasn't going to give it a second thought. However, a friend convinced me to try it out. Ever since, it's been extremely financially rewarding. 

Chigozie O.

Whistle is a great way to earn money. I've been using it for a year now and I've enjoyed it so far. I've been able to generate over a million Naira reports and earn over 500k using Whistle. I recommend that you try it out, you'll definitely not regret it.

Mehmood O.

Whistle is an amazing app! It's reliable and very effective in helping to keep drivers accountable on the road and in getting assistance with social issues such as accidents. It's been really helpful over the eight months I've used it. Whistle is a great initiative and I'd give the app five stars anytime, any day!

Kehinde O.

Got questions about Whistle?

Whistle does a lot of great stuff. We explain some of them below

What is Whistle?

Whistle is a product of Glenwater Limited, a private Nigerian company. The Whistle app is a platform that allows for collaboration between citizens and the government with the aim of making the roads safer and saner.

How does Whistle work?

Whistle uses crowdsourced information and smart processes to solve critical problems relating to traffic violations and social issues.

Who is a Whistler?

A Whistler is any citizen that chooses to use the Whistle app to report vehicle paperwork violations, traffic violations, dangerous vehicles and social issues that he or she observes in the course of their day

Is Whistle a government owned product?

No it is not, Whistle is a product of Glenwater Limited, a private company. The company partners with a few government agencies to ensure the operations required for the app run smoothly.

Is there a fee to use Whistle?

Whistle is free to download from Google Play. If you would like to partner with us, please emal us at and a Whistle representative will be in touch with you.

What devices will Whistle work on?

Whistle works on Android devices and is available to download for free on Google Play. Note that some older versions of Android are not supported.

What type of information can a Whistler see?

Whistlers are NOT able to see any private information regarding vehicles that they Whistle or any other vehicle for that matter. They are only able to get yes or no answers regarding the status of the paperwork of licence plates that they run through the app. This means that a Whistler will never be able to see the name, phone number or other private information related to offenders that they file reports on.


Whistle your community to sanity and safety

Getting started is easy; all you need is a smartphone and a desire to make your community safer. Download the app now.

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